Broken Wind


As each instrument is unique, we do not publish a price list but will provide a written or verbal estimate on an inspection basis. Restoration work is discussed fully with the customer, agreed in advance and if required a full digital photographic record of the process can be made.

For this reason all appraisals are free of charge.

In common with other repairers, we offer three levels of repair work.

Make Play

Just get it to work!-do the minimum repair to get it to play, usually a bent key ,missing cork or pad-or a screw missing!

Checkdown Service

Usually carried out on a regular basis, without fully stripping the instrument if possible to keep down cost.Check all pad seating springs for detent and adjust where required plus” make it play “as above . Regulate and Lubricate.

Stripdown Service

Completely strip the instrument. Clean body Toneholes Clean polish keywork without damage to pads. Remove old lubricant from key rods pivots. Replace damaged Pads. Replace all missing or damaged Rebound or touch corks/felting.Replace broken/damaged springs. Reassemble, Regulate lubricate.


Our bespoke service, all of the above, but to include replacement of all pads, cork felting the aim being to sympathetically restore the instrument to as close to its new condition as possible, taking out key wear so far as possible whilst retaining the feel and honesty of the instrument.


Other services can be included at additional cost, these being dent removal, crack pinning, Carbon crack banding,Tenon replacement,sleeving, socket replacement Tonehole repair/replacement,Barrel shortening,Plating,re-plating and lacquering.