Broken Wind

Clarinet/Bassett Horn/Bass Clarinet


Checkover Service

All pads are checked for wear and /or damage and each is individually check for seat and seal.All tenon corks and sockets are checked for fit and defect .Springs are checked for security and detent is adjusted if required. All major bearings are checked, set screws and rods checked for security and all externally lubricated. All touch and rebound corking is checked and the instrument is assembled. The regulation is checked and adjusted throughout and the instrument test played to ensure correct operation throughout its range.

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Intermediate Service

As above but in addition the instrument will be partially disassembled to facilitate repair of specific defects.

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Stripdown Service Re-pad and Overhaul

As above, but the instrument is fully stripped.All pads are removed .Upper & lower joints, Barrel & Bell are cleaned and pillars checked for security. Springs are checked for security and detent is adjusted where required. All rebound & touch corking is removed All keywork is cleaned and polished to best finish either ultrasonically or by hand (or a combination of both).Tenon corking is checked and replaced if required. The instrument is then re-padded with pad type according to customer specified requirements, set in shellac ,reassembled, pads set & seated and the instrument test played over its full range.

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Bespoke Restoration, Repair, Modification and Overhaul

Estimated on an individual assessment and all work agreed in advance before commencement. All of the above and in addition covering specialist elements, Keywork Swedging , reaming , manufacture and or replacement of steels, re-setting pillars, manufacture, re-manufacture and modification of keywork to individual requirements. Modification of keywork to take account of disabilities. Woodwork repairs, Tenon grafting & repair , Carbon Banding crack repair ,pinning etc. For Restoration C/F Photos of C Clarinet Circa 1820’s in Gallery

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