Broken Wind

Oboe/Cor Anglais/Oboe d’amore


Checkover Service

The Instrument is closely inspected without disassembly to identify any particular defects. All Pads, springs and keywork checked to ensure proper operation and All rebound and touch corking checked. Regulation is checked and adjusted as required throughout and the instrument keywork point lubricated at all major bearings. The Instrument is test played over its full range

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Intermediate Service

As above but the instrument is partially stripped to facilitate repair of defects established on close inspection. This will include pad replacement short of a full re-pad, pad re-facing and cleaning & treatment of kid pads and spring replacement ,minor keywork repair etc.

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Full overhaul and re-pad

As above but in addition all pads, Rebound &touch corking and Tenon corking (if required ) is removed .All keywork and pillars are hand polished to best finish and prepared for re-padding. Pads are set in shellac (either white or Amber) to customers specification. All rebound and touch corking is replaced (and tenon corking if required). The instrument is then reassembled, set up and test played over its full range before return.

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Bespoke Restoration and Repair

As above and in addition, crack repair, filling, pinning or carbon banding. Octave insert replacement (Castilliani octave Inserts fitted if required) Keywork repair, swedging, modification to assist disabilities or alteration to personal preference. Tenon Grafting or repair, Silk binding etc.

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