Broken Wind

Saxophone. Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone


Checkover Service

The Instrument is not disassembled but is subjected to close inspection and/or test play to determine specific problems. The condition of all pads is checked as are the condition and presence of all touch and rebound corking. Regulation is checked throughout and adjusted as required. The instrument is point lubricated throughout.

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Intermediate Service

As above and in addition the instrument will be partially stripped to facilitate repair and replacement of pads,short of a full repad and replacement of damaged/missing rebound and touch corking. Missing or damaged pearl touchpieces replaced. Minor keywork damage is repaired and keywork realigned to seat. Where lower bow joint is fractured,partial disassembly and preparation of joint and re- epoxying of joint to seal and re-set Bell and reassemble.

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Stripdown Service

As above but instrument is fully stripped down. Body and neck are washed through and cleaned.(Silver plate is cleaned and polished at extra cost) All keywork is cleaned and keytubes and steels are cleaned of old lubricant.pads are cleaned and treated with an aqueous wax leather treatment.

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Full Overhaul & Re-pad

As above but all pads are removed and replaced with new ,to customers specification. Set in shellac and seated to toneholes. All rebound and touch corks and felting removed and replaced with new.

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Bespoke Restoration

All Bespoke work subject to individual assessment and estimate with prior customer approval. To include all or any of the above, dent removal, keywork manufacture, repair or modification to personal preference or requirement as a result of disability. Keywork swedging, manufacture and replacement of steels.Pearl replacement,

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