Broken Wind


Checkover Service

The instrument is not disassembled but is subject to close and detailed inspection. All tenon joints are inspected and each section (Wing, Long and Butt) can be pressure checked for leaks. All pads are checked for condition and set. Spring detent is checked and adjusted if required. Regulation is checked and adjusted throughout. Bores are checked to ensure they are clear of obstruction. All keywork is spot lubricated.

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Intermediate Service

As above but in addition the instrument is partially stripped to facilitate minor keywork repair and pad replacement short of a full re-pad. The butt bend is removed and cleaned, gasket is checked and replaced (at additional cost). Any damaged, missing or fatigued springs are replaced, Missing or damaged rebound and touch corks replaced. Damaged Tenon Corks replaced. The Instrument is reassembled and test played.

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Stripdown Service

As above, but in addition the instrument is fully stripped down. Joints are cleaned and keywork is cleaned and polished. Pads are checked and kid leather pads cleaned and treated with aqueous wax solution. Keytubes are cleaned of old lubricant and internally lubricated on reassembly. Push rods are checked and bearing surfaces checked and re-lined if required. All joints are pressure checked on reassembly using a magnahelic gauge. The instrument is reassembled and test played.

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Bespoke Restoration

As above but agreed on an individual basis by prior inspection and estimate. Tenon replacement and repair (Bore re-lining subcontracted). Replacement and re-manufacture of steels, Modification and manufacture of keywork to personal requirement or to assist with disability. Swedging and repair of worn/damaged keywork and manufacture of missing or damaged keywork. Re-lining of pushrod bores, replacement of pushrods in pultruded carbon fibre rod. Teflon lining of bearing surfaces.

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